Quality VDO productions we have created have accordingly been in with client’s objectives.Starting from script writing and pre-production have been done, all for the sole purpose of achieving the story board concept incorporating sound and techniques. On production day,client can reassure that their production will be created by trust-worthy and professional Director, Cinematographer and his crews.We do work on Company Profile describing
long history corporate to the public, VDO Training
providing necessary knowledge and skill to all trainee, VDO Product Launch introducing new product to the market and creating target group motivation, VDO information communicating all functions of products to target group with picture and sound,other than operation manual.

We also offer Non-linear editing room for Film and
VDO Editing with Mac Studio Program Final Cut Pro
supporting Format HD, Beta Cam, DV, and more in order to create Highest Quality(High Resolution)
with minimum time consumption in Render,Out Put Time Code and EDL for features films,accurately in addition, we are able to doComputer Graphic 2D, 3D for Animation
We can handle the following formats:
Quicktime, MPEG4, AVI, TIFF, Beta Cam SP,HDV,